In One Accord in our Worship, in our Walk, and in our Work for God!
Allendale Baptist Church
Saturday, October 24, 2020
Wichita Falls, Texas


     9:30am               English Sunday school
     10:45am             Worship Service
                                  Spanish Sunday school
     12:00pm            Spanish Worship
     5:00pm              Evening Worship
     6:00pm              Discipleship Training 
     8:30-9:30am     Prayer Time
     5:30-6:30pm     Kids on Mission
     6:00pm               Bible Study
                                    Youth on Mission
     7:00pm               Prayer Time
     7:15pm                Worship Team Practice
     8:30am               Men's Bible Study
1st Tuesday of each month
     7:00pm               Prepare meal and provide worship service at Faith Mission.
                                        Visit them on the web at Faith Mission of Wichita Falls
3rd Saturday of each month
     8:00am               Church Breakfast
     9:00am               Work Day at Church
5th Sunday All-day Worship
     9:30am               Sunday school
     10:45am             Worship Service 
     12:00pm            Dinner on the Grounds
   ~ No Evening Services